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CD One Price Cleaners offers dry cleaning, wash and fold laundry, and specialty cleaning services from their 35 retail locations, as well as offering pickup and delivery service in select areas. As they have grown, they wanted a new web experience that better represents who they are, explains their full range of services, and makes it convenient for customers to obtain those services.

  • Challenge

    To bring the retail and pickup & delivery sides of the business together in a way that felt cohesive, yet gave each side the opportunity to shine.

  • Solution

    Craft a web experience that highlighted the services offered by CD One, and allow users to choose whether they preferred to visit a retail location or procure pickup & delivery service through a revamped online experience.

  • Results

    A brand experience that allows customers to learn, and empowers them to interact with the company in the way that makes them feel the most comfortable.

Merging Retail and Delivery

CD One already had established a retail customer base, and a pickup & delivery service base through two separate experiences and brands. Both had significant brand equity that needed to be preserved, and colors and styles from both were utilized to create an extended brand aesthetic to house both sides of the business.

CDOne Both 01
Test Header For My Reference

We took CD One’s existing branding for their retail and pickup & delivery and blended their color palettes, expanding the use of the secondary palette, adding a stitch design element as an accent element, and utilizing consistent typography to create a cohesive web style.

CD One Color
CD One Pattern
CD One Type

Design & Development

It was important to connect the services being offered to the benefits that those services provide their customers. By utilizing a clean, airy layout paired with lifestyle photography and bright colors, a clean and inviting aesthetic was created. Frequent calls to action were included to both find a retail location and schedule pickup service to always offer users the option that best fit their needs.

LLT Group Laptop
CD One Homepage 1
CD One Locations
Find a Retail Location

One of the main qualifiers for users searching for dry cleaning service is the proximity of the location to their home or work. By offering an interactive map and location finder, users are easily able to find the nearest franchise.

CD One IndividualLocations
Franchise Locations

Each individual location has its own page, offering details about the location, services, and pricing. These pages were especially important to CD One’s franchise owners, as this was a resource that they could update and send potential customers to for more information. These pages included added functionality for things like a savings calculator, reviews, and pickup & delivery service to further encourage potential customers to visit them.

CD One Icons
CD One DC Leadin
Extended Convenience

Many customers that may be familiar with a retail location may not have previously realized that pickup and delivery service was available to them. Throughout the website, we included various sections calling out this convenient option to help educate these users and offer them a way to get started with this service.

CD One Interactivity

To create a more engaging online experience, we took areas of content that were lengthier and created interactive sections to allow the user to play and explore while learning more about the company. Including items like unique sliders, expanding accordions, hover effects, and transition animations creates an experience that encourages users to continue exploring the website.

Delivering Convenience

A major part of the redesign was the creation of a dashboard experience and user flow for individuals interested in utilizing CD One’s pickup & delivery service. By leveraging styles established on the marketing portion of the site and pairing them with a logical order system, an easy-to-use experience was established for pickup & delivery customers.

LLT Group Laptop
CD One Dashboard Scaled
CD One Questionnaire
Options Walkthrough

Too many options can be a deterrent for users to complete the desired action. To encourage progress through the process, each step was broken into smaller pieces to make the experience feel more manageable and increase completion rates.

CD One PlanSelection
Plan Selection

Plans were broken out by frequency, and elements such as iconography, a custom progress bar, and easy-to-read typography make choosing a plan simple. By minimizing the number of elements visible within a single view, focus is created and direction is provided to the user.

CD One OrderConfirmation
Order Confirmation

To eliminate confusion, the order confirmation screen reiterates the choices previously made and explains what the user can expect next. This creates a higher level of comfort for a user who may not have used a unique service like this before. Offering the user options on what they can do next allows them to continue interacting with the brand.

Look Good, Feel Good

The end result is a website that brings together the familiar dry cleaning experience with a new and exciting pickup & delivery option all wrapped up in an aesthetically pleasing, informative, and cohesively branded experience.

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