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Welcoming the Rams back home

Los Angeles is a storied city of athletics; from the Dodgers to the Lakers to the 1984 Olympics, LA is home to some of the greatest sports memories in history. Immediately following the official announcement of the Rams’ return, we created a conceptual campaign welcoming the Rams back “Home.” The campaign includes a series of outdoor ads and billboards that combine both player images with an iconic Los Angeles dynamic.

  • Challenge

    To create a unique and visually captivating aesthetic: both memorable and scalable.

  • Solution

    Bringing the creative to life by featuring some of Los Angeles’ most prominent landmarks and identifiable features paired with the teams' featured stars through a double exposure effect.

  • Results

    The creative had to adapt to multiple brand touchpoints, such as merchandise and marketing collateral – the key to exciting fans, generating buzz and creating sales.

Establishing The Direction

Our focus was to create a strong piece of creative art that would serve as the foundation for a versatile campaign. The theme uses a “double exposure” effect – we selected photos from some of Los Angeles most recognizable neighborhoods and paired them with the Rams most recognizable players, to create a compelling and memorable emotional connections between the team and its home.

Rams Merch Dblexpo
Creating the Campaign

The double exposure aesthetic supported by a minimalistic design execution draws focus and attention to the players. To bring the creative to life, the campaign would be featured on some of Los Angeles’ most prominent outdoor spaces. High-traffic areas of the city are great places to connect with the audiences while they are truly experiencing Los Angeles, their home city. The theme also translates to a digital strategy, allowing us to literally step into the homes of millions of fans through social media and the web.

Rams Merch Accessoryright 3

Developing Touchpoints

This project is much more than creative advertising, it’s also about establishing a brand. In order for Los Angeles to once again own the Rams brand, the creative had to adapt of multiple brand touch points such as merchandise and marketing collateral. This turns the creative into a tangible experience for fans, bringing them closer to the action in a familiar sense.

Rams Ticket
New Ticket Design

With the new ticket design we wanted to maintain brand consistency by using the double exposure effect while utilizing a combination of simple texture and strong typography. This creates a touchpoint that fans would want to keep to remember the occasion, long after the experience is over.

Rams Spotlight Shirtthumb 2
Rams Spotlight Hoodie 2
Apparel Design

Apparel touchpoints are critical to any brand. These are the items that fans pay extra for and will wear to represent the brand in their everyday lives. The double exposure approach is used for the t-shirt design while more of a classic typographic approach for the hoodie creates a timeless extension of the brand.

The Two-Point Conversion

This project was much more than creative advertising, it’s also about establishing a brand. The Rams are finally in their rightful home, the beautiful city that connects with millions of people.

Rams Anchor
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