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Reaching fans through unique social media campaigns

We were responsible for managing and producing various threads of microcontent for several popular FOX shows featured on their individual Facebook pages. To increase brand awareness and user engagement, we focused on establishing though-provoking conversations and promoting the unique personality of each show.

  • Challenge

    To create dozens of shareable posts to continue conversations about particular scenes and, in turn, promote episodes.

  • Solution

    Utilizing a production schedule and carefully analyzing branded style guides for each social touchpoint.

  • Results

    Consistent typography and composition throughout dozens of posts, each aligning with Fox’s social media calendar.

Facebook Shareables

The shareability of a post can sometimes be elusive; but, with our strategy, we have focused on irresistible and instantly-recognizable visuals. We also tease the followers by including actionable titles or the lure of a thrilling punchline.

Style Considerations

We carefully considered and analyzed each of the brand’s typography, color correction, and composition to create pieces that were cohesive with past materials.

Fox Colors

Color Correction

Fox Typography


Brooklyn Nine Nine

A popular crime comedy, Brooklyn Nine Nine could only be represented be equally comedic visuals that pack action and depth into one image. The personality-packed collage of recognizable characters as the page’s first visual sets the tone for the rest of the page.

LLT Group Laptop
Fox Brooklyn Laptop Scroll
Fox Spotlight Thumb Brooklyn 3
Fox Spotlight Thumb 2
Brooklyn Nine Nine

The dynamically-skewed typography established in the shows logo is very recognizable as part of the Brooklyn Nine Nine brand. This style is carried through to the social media content for brand consistency. Here we used slanted, yellow and white type that is blocked out on black to tie in several brand elements. The photography lends itself to the tone of the show and helps communicate the comedic nature of the brand.

Fox Spotlight Thumb Newgirl 2
Spotlight Image Newgirl 2
New Girl

The materials we created for the show New Girl match the fun, playful, and flirty attitude that each of the characters exude. In the Facebook content for New Girl, we focused on carrying on the iconic conversations from the show into the social feed itself. We also focused on simple imagery paired with basic type overlays to help the post instantly process for the fans Facebook feed.

Playing off the character’s personality allowed for the creation of unique content that connects with all levels of the show’s fans.

Fox Spotlight Thumb Sleepyhollow 2
Spotlight Image Sleepyhollow 2
Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow has a completely different aura than the New Girl and Brooklyn Nine Nine, taking on a  seriously eerie tone. The visuals are more somber in tone and use earthy colors to communicate its dedication to mystery. The photos were given a color treatment to create mystery within the shot. The typography chosen also had an element of mystery tied into its sharply-sleek characteristics, matching the historic storyline of the program.

The Series Finale

The brand of a television show is established through the characters’ personality and the writing of the show itself; However, the extension of that brand through digital platforms such as Facebook is just as crucial when building awareness and user engagement. These touch points can help reinforce a brand reach new audiences, even when the brand is thriving.

Fox Anchor 2
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