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Transform Your Yard Into An Oasis

Illinois Landscape Supply is a landscape supplier that caters to local contractors and homeowners. As it quickly grew, it became one of the largest distributors of Unilock products. With their growth, they wanted to increase their visibility and came to us to completely redo their website and update their brand.

  • Challenge

    ILS has become a major player in the distributions world for local contractors but wanted to focus on what they offer to homeowners looking for ideas and inspiration for their own outdoor landscaping.

  • Solution

    Create a simplified homeowners-focused experience that emphasizes how ILS products can be applied to home renovations and DIY projects to help provide them with ideas and a way to schedule a consultation.

  • Results

    A beautiful easy-to-navigate website that showcases memorable finished landscaping projects that creates a lasting impression on homeowners with all levels of renovation experience, and shows that ILS is a reliable, trustworthy, supplier to contractors seeking quality products.

Extending the Brand

Illinois Landscape supply already has an established visual identity since they have been in the business since 2009, but we wanted to capitalize on the opportunity to attract new customers while maintaining the core contractors that have been using the company from the beginning. With some slight logo adjustments, color updates, and more modern typography treatments, we were able to capture a look that serves both old and new customers.

ILS Logo Web Color RGB

We expanded the color palette with a bright set of greens that help convey a sense of growth and expertise. We also added vibrant oranges to help draw the eye to call to action-related components on the website. The new typography treatment uses geometric shapes to relate to the geometric nature of the products they sell while offering an optimal reading experience. The icon style is simple, yet refined enough in a way that visually supports information on the website.

ILS Elements Branding 1
ILS Elements Branding 2
ILS Elements Branding 3

Design & Development

When it came time to sit down and strategize how we wanted to approach the new site design, we knew we wanted to rely heavily on imagery, bold messaging, and clear calls to action so that the customer could be engaged with the visual information they were digesting, and have a clear way to reach an ILS expert.

LLT Group Laptop
ILS Homepage Scroll Scaled
ILS Spotlight Detail
ILS Spotlight Nav
Detailed Product Navigation

Given the extensive product line that ILS has, we incorporated a mega navigation that helps simplify the overall user experience. We chose to reduce the primary navigation down to just the most important links that the user would want to engage with while displaying the product navigation visually with imagery to help increase the inspirational aspect for homeowners.

ILS Spotlight Discover
Discover Your Style

We created an inspirational gallery, an integral part of the redesign, that is a portfolio of finalized projects from products that ILS offers. Showing the “products in use” helps homeowners become inspired and see the ways ILS can help them achieve their goals in their own backyard.

ILS Spotlight Products Details
ILS Spotlight Products
Quick Ways To Learn

We knew that providing quick ways for individuals to navigate between different products was going to be a key way in allowing them to learn more about the different products ILS offers. We create secondary navigation on the product page that acts as tabs to help users navigate. We also included additional ways for customers to see the application and features of each product to further showcase how the products can be used at home.

ILS Icons
ILS Spotlight Calculator Details 1
ILS Spotlight Calculator Details
Estimate Your Materials

Speaking from experience, we know calculating the quantity of product you need to cover a certain area can be difficult. Math is tough. We wanted to alleviate that pain and make the experience as easy as possible by including a way for individuals to calculate how much product they need and what type of truck would be required to safely transport the type of product to its destination.

ILS Spotlight Map Details
ILS Spotlight Map
Proudly Serving Your Neighborhood

One of the major components of success for ILS was getting users to their showrooms. ILS offers one of the largest showrooms of landscaping products in the states, so we wanted to make sure customers could easily see the closest location to help the continuation of inspiration and the customer’s journey.

Pave Your Own Lifestyle

The final website helps take contractors and homeowners on a journey that allows them to gather inspiration and find products that they can use with their own projects, regardless of experience. ILS helps you pave your own lifestyle by providing you with quality products to turn your yard into a desired destination.


*Warning, may increase visitation from neighbors.

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