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A flexible, yet consistent brand suited for luxury real estate

LG Development is a luxury residential and commercial real estate developer in the Chicagoland market. They came to us with a group of three different luxury properties that needed an identity, consistency and interactive websites. 1647 North Milwaukee below is one of those properties.

  • Challenge

    Create a clean, contemporary brand and web aesthetic that highlights the photography while also using design to enhance the premium, high-quality aesthetic inspired by the space.

  • Solution

    By utilizing a minimalist approach to design, the photography really stands out, telling the story of the space and allowing potential residents to imagine themselves living within the building.

  • Results

    A brand system that is clean, minimal, and able to be utilized across multiple locations. The design is highly visual, yet provides the necessary information potential residents need.


The slash mark creates interest in the design because the top number is slightly cut off by the slash, and the bottom number utilizes the slash to complete the number, so it functions slightly like a puzzle that the brain needs to complete.

The initial aesthetic was extended to integrate into two other properties within the umbrella company. These additional brand extensions were given unique color palettes and typography options.

LG 1647
LG 1241
LG 1879

Design & Development

Needing to highlight the property and it’s advantages the following are a couple of things that were designed and developed into the site: residency pages showcasing layouts and images, building amenities, location details, POI maps and a residential login portal.

LLT Group Laptop
brand & web implementations

Not only was the focus on 1647 North Milwaukee, but on how to extend that same brand consistency and web presence out to to other properties. This required an easily duplicated site structure and built-out CMS that made it easy to re-brand the website to a new properties logo, color, type and imagery considerations.

LG Development Homepage

We chose to take a minimalist approach to the design of the 1647 North Milwaukee site to highlight the beautiful photography and create emphasis on the modern aesthetic of the property that is so attractive to potential residents.

A light color palette and thin type help direct emphasis to the photos, while still remaining elegant and effective in communicating features of the property.

LGDevelopment Spotlight Mobile 1 LGDevelopment Spotlight Mobile 2 LGDevelopment Spotlight Mobile 3

LG Development is targeting a younger audience with its 1647 North Milwaukee property, so beautiful and easy-to-use mobile design was a must-have. The responsive design of the site allows the mobile size version to rearrange to a size and layout that is perfect for a handheld device.

While it was still very important to feature the photography, we also wanted to make sure that the contact information and schedule visit buttons were easily accessible to encourage conversions.

Home Sweet Home!

The result is a highly interactive website that showcases the beautiful architecture and design that the properties boast, while providing location information and an easy way to inquire.

LG Development Building
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