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Marketing to the new adventurers

Plum is for the new adventurers — the ones hungry to invest in something truly big, not just another food truck, YouTube channel, or messaging app. They’ve been there, done that, made their money, and now want to really make a mark. The new adventurers are also hardcore optimists — they have to be. They don’t have the backing of private equity funds or family fortunes or foreign governments. They can’t afford the usual “safe” deals in the usual megatropolis locations. (A high-rise hotel in Beverly Hills isn’t even on their wish list.)

  • Challenge

    Putting audiences first. Brands who wait to consider how audiences evolve will risk far more than their competitors who continuously invest in brand analysis and audience outreach.

  • Solution

    While still supporting experienced CRE investors, we positioned Plum to serve a new generation of affluent young professionals seeking investments more tangible and personal than stocks and bonds.

  • Results

    A digital brand experience that focuses on the user stories and specifically looks to build relationships through a deeper understanding and connection.

Modernizing Plum’s visual identity helped move the brand forward into the digital era. The use of gradients, stylized photography and custom icons all helped extend their brand digitally.

Plum Graphicstyles 1b

Gradient Frames

Plum Graphicstyles 2


Plum Graphicstyles 3

Imagery Style

From the ground up

We approached the redesign of the website from the ground up. From the overall layout to the smallest details, such as the user experience and call to action messaging — the website was key to establishing the new positioning and identity.

LLT Group Laptop
Plum Devices Laptop Scroll
Plum Spotlight 1
Personal Connection

With the use of real photography and personal messaging, we tell a story that the audience can connect with. By using large color blocks with overlapping elements we create a layout that is fun and youthful which also resonates with the targeted audience.

Plum Spotlight 2
Customer Stories

By including past loans it connects the audience with past success stories and gives them the opportunity to learn more about how Plum can help them with their endeavor.

Plum Mobilescreen 1 Plum Mobilescreen 2 Plum Mobilescreen 3

Besides requesting an instant loan quote, we wanted to create more opportunity for Plum to connect with their customers. We conceived a commercial property search app that enabled curious investors and adventurers to type in a commercial property address, get estimated monthly payment and evaluation of city/neighborhood. Users also have access to watch videos, read content, access bulletin board and apply for loans all within the app.

Plum Image Watch Bigger

In the End

We proposed Plum’s long game strategy to include a college bowl game sponsorship, reaching a national audience made up of wealthy alumni, former athletes, and business students.

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