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Giving fans a whole new reason to celebrate

Fanshark set out with the goal to connect fans and celebrities through on-demand personalized merchandise. They came to us looking for a brand refresh that encompassed their vibrant and edgy personality and a unique web experience that would set them apart from the competition.

  • Challenge

    Connect fans and celebrities through on-demand personalized merchandise.

  • Solution

    Create a website with an intuitive and attractive digital experience using bold typography, clear hierarchy, and pops of color.

  • Results

    A clean but vibrant UI creates energy, excitement, and anticipation in the most avid of fans.

We started with Fanshark’s pre-existing logo concept and set out to better define the company’s vibrant and edgy brand personality. By combining the visual of a shark fin and a star, we could convey our fans’ assertiveness and allude to the celebrities they idolize. Its readability as an “A” allows for flexibility of use either within the wordmark or on its own. We also increased the vibrancy of the original palette to create energy and anticipation.

Exploration Of The Fanshark Logo From Its Original To The Concept Of Combining A Shark Fin And A Star With More Vibrant Colors

Wireframes & UX

An intuitive user experience was integral to the overall flow and success of the site. We took special consideration into how the product customization process worked and looked for opportunities to reemphasize Fanshark’s unique value prop.

Design & Development

From homepage to checkout, we wanted fans to feel excited and engaged with their favorite celebrities. Combining an intuitive user flow and attractive digital experience helped bring clarity and credibility to a unique business model.

LLT Group Laptop
Fanshark Homescreen Scroll
Testimonial Section From Fanshark Homepage
Features That Build Hype

Fanshark wanted to emulate the energetic aggression their fans are known for. By featuring celebrity testimonials, product callouts, and countdown timers on celebrity campaigns, we not only built hype around the celebrities themselves, but also reinforced Fanshark’s authenticity as the go-to source of celebrity-endorsed memorabilia.

Ariana Grande Close-up From Fanshark Celebrities Page
Fanshark Celebrities Page
Celebrity-Focused Campaigns

While other e-commerce sites have a product-focused approach, working from a celebrity-first mindset helps fans find the celebrities they’re looking for and helps celebrities bring attention to their campaigns and charities.

How It Works Section Of The Fanshark Homepage
Well-Defined Process

With such a unique value prop, it was essential that we clearly communicate the Fanshark process at key stages of the user journey. Using scrolling animations and custom iconography, a literal guide travels through the step-by-step process and provides opportunity for engagement and clarity into how Fanshark works and what fans can expect.

Customize Product View With Jersey Selected
Customized Products

Fanshark’s key differentiator was the personalized, handwritten messages fans would receive from their celebrity idols. Brand colors punctuate important steps to help guide users through the process, while value props are listed across the bottom of the customization window as a reminder of the value Fanshark provides.

Iconography From The Fanshark Website
Fanshark Email Confirmation On Laptop Mockup
Branded Email Templates

Brand consistency was essential to the building of trust and the reassurance of Fanshark’s authenticity. So when it came to the email templates, we took pains to carry over brand language, established design components, and the vivid imagery from the site in order to create a cohesive experience.

A Slam Dunk

Vibrant branding, intuitive user flows, and celebrity-focused experiences led to a final product that built excitement and anticipation while emulating the energetic aggression of its fanbase.

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