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An electrically progressive e-commerce website

Power Retrofit is an online retailer of commercial and landscape lighting solutions. They came to us with the task of building a logo, forming a brand and developing an eCommerce website.

  • Challenge

    To create and establish the new brand and to create an updated, simple-to-use online eCommerce platform that will communicate legitimacy about the company and product.

  • Solution

    To implement a fresh color scheme, new product photography and ample white space while creating a product page and search UX that is intuitive and clean and modern.

  • Results

    A minimal eCommerce site design that focuses on the products, specifications and checkout process in order to drive sales.


Our challenge was to create a logo and identity that would fit with the sister brand of the company and still feel original and new. We focused on the idea of light and the shapes it can create to establish a brand that is simple, tried and true.

Power Lighting Logo

Due to the more subdued colors of the products, we selected a contemporary color scheme that makes the product pop on the page with a mix of warm and cool. We also expanded the brand by implementing circular shapes in buttons, backgrounds and other web elements.

Power Lighting Circle Pattern

Circle Pattern

Power Retrofit Colors


Power Retrofit Button Style

Button Style

Design & Developement

Clean, minimal design paired with radical pops of color are peppered throughout this online store. Big use of imagery and grid layout help to guide the user’s eye to find what they need. If the design itself does not guide them, the development of dynamic filters will.

LLT Group Laptop
Power Retrofit Homepage
product categories

With so many different parent level product categories we had to work to create a design that did not lend itself to ‘busyness’. This meant integrating development functionality to expand and collapse sections in order to save real estate.

Power Retrofit Clean UX Details
Power Retrofit Clean UX
Clean UX

It’s lighting, not rocket science. Knowing that we structure the design of the website pages to follow that logic. We made sure each page was simple, to the point and had appropriate supporting elements (whether pictures or information). Going to the site allows you to quickly filter and find what you are looking for and move on with your purchase.

Power Retrofit Products
Individual Products

When you are shopping for lighting you care about a couple things: Brand, Wattage, Size, Color and Price. We implemented a design that focused heavily on making sure these were readily apparent at first glance. Add in a review feature, a specs tab and an accessories section and this one product page gives you everything you need to get the job done!

Light It Up

The result is a simple to use eCommerce experience that helps highlight products and the corresponding specifications.

Power Retrofit Anchor
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