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A new twist on sparkling energy water

With a new name, a fresh new brand and packaging, Yerbaé became a favorite amongst those who wanted a healthy alternative to energy drinks. Our goal was to reflect the natural and energetic qualities of the product through the brand.

  • Challenge

    To establish a name and brand that would resonate with the audience and reflect the qualities of the product.

  • Solution

    By utilizing custom illustrations and textures we were able to create a style across all pieces that will visually separate from other competitors on the shelf.

  • Results

    A brand and packaging that stands apart from the competition and a growing and loyal following of the brand.

Front Lineup
Custom Illustrations

For a fresh feel, we chose to create custom chalk illustrations of the fruits to represent each water flavor. Since the majority of the flavors were a combination of multiple fruits, the illustrations allowed us to communicate all the individual flavors within each can where color wouldn’t have been able to communicate on its own.

Yerbae Icons
Yerbae Can Mockups
Can Design

Wanting to stand out from the competition we chose a dark can base and utilized a chalkboard texture to help tie to the natural qualities of the product. We used stylized type and chalk illustrations to bring the brand and flavors to life.

Number of original name ideas generated

Our extensive naming process includes a collaborative brainstorm, industry research, and user perception surveys to find the best brand name possible. With yerba mate as the main ingredient for the natural caffeine in the beverage, we arrived at a play on words for the final chosen name.

Research and Naming

We took a careful look at the marketplace and what brands already existed and dissected what they are doing well and spotted trends across elements such as color, wording, packaging, and style in order to determine where we can differentiate the brand.


All Natural Energy

The end result is a unified brand system that contrasts the competition on the shelf and gives consumers the natural energy they crave from a brand they can connect with and get behind.

Yerbae Anchor 2
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