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An E-Commerce Experience That Empowers Shoppers To Give Back

Purity7’s new website offers online shoppers a unique way to give back to their communities by donating a portion of each purchase to the user’s church or charity of choice. This differentiator allows shoppers to feel good about buying things online, improving their overall online shopping experience.

  • Challenge

    Create an easy-to-use e-commerce website that feels both familiar, yet unique. The site needs to be intuitive, yet tell the story of giving back to the user's chosen church or charity.

  • Solution

    Extend the brand through typography, color, iconography, and image choices, while creating avenues to find and purchase products efficiently and logically.

  • Results

    A modern e-commerce website that is easy to navigate, along with telling the story of the brand in a way that excites the user, while not interfering with the shopping experience.

Extending The Brand

Being the first application of their new brand, we wanted to make sure that our designs achieved a friendly, inviting atmosphere to embody the personality of the company. This needed to be done tastefully to both tell the Purity7 story, yet not detract from the overall e-commerce experience.

The colors, type, and iconography style were carefully chosen to make the brand feel approachable, modern, and trustworthy. These choices were also paramount in ensuring that all e-commerce functionality would be accounted for in the custom Purity7 brand style.

Purity7 ColorPalette6

Secondary Colors

Purity7 Typography2


Purity7 Iconography3


Design & Development

We designed this website to create a warm and inviting atmosphere while also funneling users into the types of products that they are interested in by giving them multiple ways to browse items. Giving back is an important differentiator so a balance of brand personality/information and e-commerce effectiveness was necessary to achieve.

LLT Group Laptop
Purity7 Homepage Devices Laptop Scroll

UX Considerations

With the end goal of selling products, we created various funnels to help users find products they’re interested in quickly and easily. Users are always encouraged to explore more, but opportunities to enter the checkout process are implemented throughout the experience to encourage conversion.

Purity7 MegaNav2
Mega Nav & Predictive Search

The inclusion of a categorized mega-nav allows users to quickly browse the different types of products available at a quick glance. For those who already know what they’re looking for, predictive search bar functionality provides the opportunity to get specific right from the start.

Purity7 Cards2
Multiple Ways To Shop

We’ve provided the opportunity for Purity7 to feature specific sellers and categories that they think their users may find useful in their exploration of the site. By incorporating flexibility into what’s featured throughout the site, the client is able to better target their audience with products that will best resonate with them.

Purity7 PopularProductsSpotlight2
Purity7 PopularProductsBase
Browse By Popular Products

We’ve utilized a large card style featuring a product image to grab the attention of users. By highlighting the most popular products, we are also adding a level of credibility to what is being sold, based on what has performed well with other shoppers.

Purity7 Icons
Purity7 SellerPage2
Seller Pages

Part of the charm of the Purity7 platform is that it allows a multitude of small sellers the opportunity to list products online for a lesser price than other platforms. Users are given the opportunity to learn more about these small sellers through their own dedicated pages which feature an aggregate of reviews, as well as more and popular products from that business.

Purity7 ProductSpotlight2
Purity7 ProductPage3
Product Pages

The individual product pages were designed to encourage conversion by creating clear avenues to add to cart or buy it now. In addition, adding elements like item reviews, highlighted sales prices, and noting the number of people that have this item in their cart gives a nudge to the user to complete their transaction.

Purity7 Cart2
Cart Functionality

Users are able to add products to their cart from multiple sellers, so a unique solution to accommodate seller-specific cart functionality was necessary to allow for items like coupon codes and variable shipping dates. The checkout box on the right is sticky, always remaining within view to show updates to the cart and keep the desired action of checking out always visible and easily accessible.

Telling The Brand Story

With a business model uniquely focused on supporting local churches and charities, we wanted to be sure to sprinkle the brand story throughout the website experience to highlight this difference between Purity7 and its competitors. We carefully chose imagery and verbiage that highlights the impact that a shopper can have by using the platform, and reiterated that impact throughout the web experience in different areas.

Purity7 AccountSettings2
Donation Selection

The Purity7 website is designed to allow users to easily find and select their preferred church or charity of choice that they would like a portion of their purchase to support. By keeping this large and in a prominent place on the account settings page, the impact that the user is having is immediately apparent and functions as another opportunity to encourage good feelings about buying through the platform.

Purity7 Testimonial
Testimonial Slider

Testimonials are a great way to help create validation in the mind of a user. By offering multiple testimonials from the various churches and charities that are being supported through the platform, users gain peace-of-mind that their purchases are directly benefiting worthy causes.

It Feels Good To Do Good

The final product marries the do-good feeling of helping others, with an intuitive e-commerce user experience to create a platform that benefits everyone. From shoppers and small businesses, all the way to churches and charities, Purity7 is an example of the impact that can be made in the world when we all work together for the greater good.

Purity7 Anchor2
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