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Helping to Market and Brand the World's First Smart Toaster

Revolution Cooking was tired of the slow and inconsistent nature of traditional toasters, leading them to invent a new technology called InstaGLO®. This technology debuted in 2019 and to date they have become the #1 smart toaster, receiving praise everywhere from Oprah, Better Homes & Gardens and The View, to CNET, Forbes and Popular Science.

  • Challenge

    Helping to convince consumers that an innovative new technology in a stodgy, old market could revolutionize their lives for the better.

  • Solution

    Focusing on the consumer questions that needed answering in the UX and UI and how that could best be displayed in a hierarchy on the pages.

  • Results

    Beautiful new UI combined with new purchase features that Increased conversions and engagement while bolstering product understanding.

Design & Development

With so much valuable information on the site already, our goal in redesigning key UX / UI elements became optimizing existing page real estate and rethinking impactful visuals that would tell a compelling story about the product to consumers based on preconceived notions for what has always been just a “toaster”.

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Easily Navigable

We helped to rethink the UX and UI experience on the homepage, navigation, PDP page, cart and checkout pages from both a desktop and mobile perspective.

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Product Focused

With conversions lackluster, we helped to rethink the PDP (Product details page) experience as a whole for desktop and mobile. We reduced information redundancy from other pages on the site about the product and focused heavily on information hierarchy on the product page, taking the consumers through a discovery of the product and answering natural points of concern.

This not only included the product page itself, but the cart and checkout experience, helping to showcase add-ons and promotions t

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Digestible sections

With such a unique spin on a product that is long thought to be “fine as it is”, it was crucial to breakout sections in a digestible way that consumers could get a better sense of the features and benefits that a smart toaster would provide in their lives. This included curating imagery, product videos and messaging together to explain the story.

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Bundle & Save

With the invention and launching of some add-on products for the toaster, there was a compelling need to develop out a new feature that allowed consumers to bundle certain products together with the toaster or with the add-ons themselves. We helped to design and develop an experience that highlighted the cost savings and benefits of bundling together.

Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?

The final implementation of the UIs and new feature capabilities within the website helped to bolster consumer understanding of the innovative new product itself, ultimately driving higher conversion rates.

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