The world’s first smart toaster.

What we did

Brand Strategy
Art Direction
Web Design
Web Development

Revolution Cooking was tired of the slow and inconsistent nature of traditional toasters, leading them to invent a new technology called InstaGLO®. This technology debuted in 2019 and to date they have become the #1 smart toaster, receiving praise everywhere from Oprah, Better Homes & Gardens and The View, to CNET, Forbes and Popular Science.

The challenge
Helping to convince consumers that an innovative new technology in a stodgy, old market could revolutionize their lives for the better.y.

The solution
Focusing on the consumer questions that needed answering in the UX and UI and how that could best be displayed in a hierarchy on the pages.

Mouth watering visuals that tell a compelling story.

With so much valuable information on the site already, our goal in redesigning key UX / UI elements became optimizing existing page real estate and rethinking impactful visuals that would tell a compelling story about the product to consumers based on preconceived notions for what has always been just a “toaster”.

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