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A sleek, digital platform for next-level, food presentation

Rosseto Serving Solutions is a high-end provider of serving solutions to hotel, retail and food services chains all over the world. Some of their brands include Hilton, Walgreens, Wolfgang Puck, Loews and Hyatt Hotels. They came to us for graphic design, a website redesign and the ability to build a custom quote cart into that digital experience.

  • Challenge

    Enhance a product-focused brand that values quality and style through the design and development of various catalogs, marketing materials, and a new website.

  • Solution

    We worked together with Rosseto to create media they could use to promote their products in a way that was heavily informative, yet emphasized their values of style and quality.

  • Results

    A drastic increase in web conversions through stronger website visual design and brand continuity in print.

Extending The Brand

Rosseto needed catalogs that matched their superior quality and aesthetic to show potential clients. By utilizing a modern style that highlighted their beautiful products, we provided a more fitting set of collateral materials that helped move the brand into a better competitive position.

Rosseto Magazine
Product Catalog

The Rosseto product catalog was designed to be both highly visual, and highly functional. The clean layout and focus on organization makes this a valuable tool for their sales team, as well as a great introduction piece to potential clients.

Design & Development

A number of unique features were designed and developed within the site such as: a product catalog, a product search, lead magnets, a quote cart, industry breakouts, client testimonials and photo gallery.

LLT Group Laptop
Rosseto Homepage
increase in conversions

With just a new website launch and no new organic traction (yet), the site quadrupled the number of conversions Rosseto was seeing on a weekly basis. Those results were further exasperated by the quote cart feature which allowed the submission of complex orders for specific needs.

Rosseto Wishlist

We developed a mult-part wishlist function that also acted as a submittable quote cart. This allowed for the user to add items to their wishlist or ‘cart’ and then email them to themselves, their superiors or Rosseto for a quote.

This was a major hit with visitors as it provided a way previously unavailable to organize and send long purchase lists for further analysis.

Rosseto Spotlight Row2 Spotlight
Rosseto Product Gallery
Product Gallery

With such amazing products on display, a gallery of just the products or just the in-use photography did not do it justice. So we designed and developed a gallery that each number corresponds to a unique product within the catalog.

To top it off, we made it fully editable in the CMS, so that new images and linked products can be added by Rosseto at any time.

The Final Tray

The result is a website that has an easy to utilize CMS for editing, a robust quote cart and a dynamic online catalog that has generated a 400% increase in conversions.

Rosseto Anchor
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