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Independent, Unbiased Stock Research

A FinTech startup looks to put it’s 10-years-in-the-making data models to the test on the world wide web. Our team leveraged Ruby on Rails, Vue.js and beautiful design principles to push this MVP to an amazing initial launch.

  • Challenge

    Hundreds of equations comprised of thousands of data points on individual equities needed to be mapped and sourced from financial APIs all while being validated, checked and tracked for future insights.

  • Solution

    A robust technology STACK that allowed for speed of processing, quick to add iterative features and flexibility of mathematical modeling.

  • Results

    A completely unique platform with industry-leading design that just may start making big waves.

EquitySet LogoRemake
Updated Brand Identity

Updating the previously outdated color palette of the logo to a soft purple, teal and red hue helped to give the brand an air of youthful refresh and appeal more to younger demographics of users. Not wanting to go too far from the traditional “professional” image financial companies strive to portray, much of the typeface was simply cleaned up to have better spatial appearance.

Equityset Colorpalette
Equityset Bars Graphics2

Design & Development

A development-first web app that bases it’s existence off modeling 40 million data points and counting every week. Data architecture, data modeling and caching were some of the biggest areas of concern in order to get this product to provide amazing UX / UI to users. From connecting into financial APIs to creating algorithms based on proprietary financial models, you might never assume from the minimal interface that so much work is going on under the hood.

LLT Group Laptop
EquitySet Homepage Final
Screen Shot 2019 11 01 At 4.26.45 PM
Subscription-Based Platform

Monthly subscription platform that allows users to sign up for a no credit card required Free Trial that automatically prompts the user to enter payment details when finished. Billing details and invoices located within each customer’s account.

Screen Shot 2019 11 01 At 4.33.32 PM
Screen Shot 2019 11 01 At 4.30.02 PM
Stock Reports

The ability to lookup reports on thousands of US-based equities and analyze key indicators on the company. Each stock pulls in over 11,000 unique data points on the backend feeding into a proprietary formula.

Screen Shot 2019 11 01 At 4.44.52 PM
Account Dashboard

A central account dashboard that helps users find what they are looking for quickly and easily. Also boasts the ability to showcase user-specific messages on their account and keep a counter of free trial days left.

ES Compare
Side-by-Side Comparisons

The ability to put companies side-by-side in order to see how they stack up on key financial, fundamental, technical and consumer sentiment attributes.

Screen Shot 2019 11 01 At 4.42.38 PM Screen Shot 2019 11 01 At 4.42.44 PM Screen Shot 2019 11 01 At 4.42.48 PM

Easily add companies interested in watching to a centralized watchlist that helps to give the latest price movements and key bullish / bearish sentiment on the stock.

ES Insight
Market Insight & Equity Screener

Slice and dice the entire universe of stocks by choosing key filters to sort by. Deep dive into sector and industry specific trends to help sniff out new investment opportunities.

ES IconsforBottom

Buy, Buy, Buy!

The strategic planning, data modeling and development-first software cycles helped to bring this consumer-first platform to a bullish reception in the marketplace.

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