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Refreshing consistency for specialty waste management

Stericycle is a multi-billion dollar compliance and waste management company. They came to us with a simple task years ago to redesign one of their company division’s website. Since that day we have been tasked with a multitude of websites, training portals and digital designs.

  • Challenge

    To implement brand consistency across a full suite of companies through massive website restructuring and redesign.

  • Solution

    To fully understand the individualized needs of each branch and create a customized solution that adhered to brand standards to create an overall brand consistency.

  • Results

    A network of websites that achieves digital consistency while integrating better structure, better optimization and better results.

Brand Standards

Working with brand standards is an important part to any project. With Stericycle, we were given a few guidelines to adhere to but also worked to expand their brand through their web presence. We created updated type styles while also adhering to their logo specifications and established brand colors.

Primary Colors
PMS 7724

CMYK: 82, 0, 67, 11

RGB: 0, 149, 109

HEX: #00956d


CMYK: 100, 13, 1, 2

RGB: 0, 130, 202

HEX: #0082ca

PMS 424

CMYK: 30, 20, 19, 58

RGB: 112, 114, 113

HEX: #707271

Secondary Colors
Stericycle Typography

Design & Development

Creative spurts followed by consistency was much of the tone as we helped to develop out the Stericycle brand as it related to website design. We were able to provide an improved back-end CMS for departments and key personnel to edit more easily than previously capable of as well as keeping on the forefront of front-end styling. Tracking, training and educating Stericycle on all the new functionality was just as much a part of the project as the design and development too.

LLT Group Laptop
Stericycle Homepage
3.4 Million
visitors annually

The websites we created acted as home for over 3.4 million visitors within the last year. This being the case, analytics, tracking and making sure data was passed through to the right departments was instrumental in gauging the success of each consecutive site launch under the company umbrella.

Stericycle Flex Layouts
Flex Layouts

Stericycle needed a highly dynamic page layout that within the drag and drop of a section would allow for design consistency on the page. Therefore we set out to build what we term as ‘flex layouts’ within the WordPress backend.┬áThis little development trick helps clients to re-arrange sections without the worry of clashing colors, images, overlaps, etc. The client has the ability to customize everything from color of the section to content sections output.

Landing Pages

With any large company, differentiated content and pages that host it are a must-have. We worked to build engaging landing pages that integrated into several different CRM software depending on the business division. On top of that, we made sure that being able to add and edit pages within the CMS was as easy as 1-2-3.

Stericycle LandingPages 1 Stericycle LandingPages 2 Stericycle LandingPages 3

No Waste Here

The result is a digital modernization of a huge corporation that has allowed for more creative brand extensions to occur and web technology tracking and training to flourish.

Stericycle Anchor
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