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Building a brand that tailors to every dog owner’s dream: a clean yard

Tails to Pails is the first fully automated dog poop pickup service online. They came to us with an idea and operational structure of what they wanted their business to be. We were tasked with the name creation, market research, branding, web design and development services to make it a reality.

  • Challenge

    To build an entire brand from scratch that could rise above the competition with no existing market presence.

  • Solution

    To brainstorm the company name and create a corresponding brand, website, and suite of marketing materials that formed the foundation for success.

  • Results

    A successful brand launch with digital automation so that people could easily sign up for service.


In order to establish a unique and light-hearted tone to the overall brand we created a logo that is uncomplicated with a cuteness factor that resonates with prospective clients. Through the use of simple illustration and quirky photography we established a lively and fun brand.

After multiple logo explorations, we settled on a simple shape for the mark that shows movement and playfulness that embodies the company personality. The orange and brown palette was chosen to allow them to stand out among competition.

Icons For Tails To Pails

Design & Development

Building out a new brand website focused on us pairing imagery, messaging, design and functionality in one. Highlighting the company missions, goals and charity (like their giving back to homeless pets) was all factored into creating a meaningful website intended to convert.

LLT Group Laptop
TTP Laptop Scroll
LLT Group Phone
company names discarded

We had the pleasure of coming up with the company name for Tails to Pails and throughout the process you can imagine there was lots of ideas. Unfortunately for 109 of those names they didn’t make the cut because of market fit, messaging, brand direction or sheer inappropriateness.

TTP Spotlight Row1 Spotlight
TTP Spotlight Row1 Main
Desktop Details

Small details can make all the difference in a web experience. Tails to Pails needed to set themselves apart from the rest of the industry, and creating a beautiful, professional website was one of several ways we helped them achieve that goal.

By utilizing color, photography, iconography, and creating a type system that established hierarchy we were able to create a highly detailed, highly professional web design for their business launch.

Tails To Pails Homepage Mobile Site Tails To Pails Mobile Pricing Site Tails To Pails Mobile Site
Mobile Breakdown

The primary target market for this service would be viewing the website on their handheld device, so a pixel-perfect mobile breakdown was extremely important to the success of the project.

The easy to navigate, information-first approach we took to the responsive design of this site makes the user experience intuitive and positive. Changing the layout allowed us to better communicate the service to potential customers who may have never had exposure to this type of business in the past.

The Final Scoop

The result is a highly visual brand and web experience that clearly communicates the service, the pricing and how to get started.

Tails To Pails Bulldog
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