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Tenaciously progressing the healthcare industry

The Chartis Group is a national advisory and analytics firm concentrated specifically within the healthcare industry. They came to us with the task of creating a new thought leadership website in order to highlight their white papers, case studies and events that had become buried within their current site framework.

  • Challenge

    Work within a current, established site and create a progressive thought leadership section that positions Chartis head and shoulders above competitors within the healthcare space.

  • Solution

    A separate, yet connected sub-site within the Chartis website that functions as its own. A focus on clear user experience and organization of published articles guarantees user friendliness.

  • Results

    A clean UX site design that is content-driven with engaging interactions, quick filtering and lead tracking.

Extending The Brand

We were tasked with pushing the visual boundaries to create an inviting and progressive site while working within Chartis’s previously established brand. Our approach was to focus on simplicity and let the articles and white papers speak to the thought leadership of Chartis.

Chartis Group Logo

The broad range that the secondary color palette provided worked seamlessly with the need for a range of filters and navigation; furthermore, we kept the dark blue the primary color as it originally had been applied. Bold headers speak directly to the linked content, allowing for clear communication to be picked up instantly by the user.

Chartis Colors

Color Application

Chartis Type

Bold Typography

Design & Development

The design and development of the website looked to focus on a continuous blog / editor format. The goal was to keep the content coming but still make it relevant. The development was optimized for speed and user interaction so transitions between pages and sections were smooth.

LLT Group Laptop
whitepaper downloads

Getting content in front of current and potential clients was the initial objective of the website, and within the first 6 months after launch over 5,000 insight downloads occurred with over 20,000 views total.

Chartis Blog

With so much content it was necessary to split the blog apart into relevant categories as well. We worked to strategize where and when these resources would be most useful and how they would be arrived at. This was executed by an easy filter tab at the top of the start of the posts.

Chartis Whitepapers

The site itself centered around the content found within the whitepapers. This meant special attention to plan out the multi-leveled filter capabilities that users would have. We worked to divide whitepapers into resource types and then further allow decisions by topic.

The result was a myriad of content found in one spot, able to be downloaded within the single click of a button.

Case Study...Closed

The result is an information-rich website that allows a heightened ability to track analytics of what visitors are viewing and highly technical thought leadership pieces to be filtered through and found with ease.

Chartis Anchor
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