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A national transportation and logistics design overhaul

USA Truck is a publicly traded logistics company providing capacity solution services all over the continental US. They came to us for a corporate website refresh in order to bolster digital growth and further organic impact, that also turned into a new brand launch and website of USAT Logistics.

  • Challenge

    Taking a very well known brand and enhancing it online creating unique, new and exciting visual extensions.

  • Solution

    Create a new standard utilizing branding elements of old that have worked successfully, but pushing the envelope with a more innovative web UX.

  • Results

    A brand refresh online that showcases the value-added benefit of going with a tried and true logistics company, but the technical prowess of a startup.

Extending The Brand

Being a publicly traded company, USA Truck was not in the position for a brand overhaul. Instead we helped to provide unique new design elements that leveraged their already existing information.

Usa Truck Logo

We worked to create a slightly different color palette for web, user interface elements (such as buttons, headers, etc.) and provide visual queues by way of custom illustrations.


UI Elements

USATruck Colors

Consistent Colors

USATruck Illustration

Custom Illustrations

Design & Development

With 12 major services offered the design made sure to clearly communicate messaging of who and what USA Truck’s capabilities were while still allowing one-click actions that took a visitor exactly where they needed to be. Combining imagery with custom illustrations within the design confirmed that visitors would understand the sometimes complex process of logistics.

LLT Group Laptop
USA Truck Homepage
increase in organic keywords

One of the most drastic changes that followed a website redesign was the organic rankings for USA Truck. The company had great domain authority and been ranking well already, although their main hindreance was the non-responsive site, the poor content structure and the never before optimized on-page elements.

USA Truck Spotlight
USA Truck Locations

A custom map showing USA truck headquarters, service facilities and sales offices was built to showcase the truly continental reach that the company had. Additionally a simplified map style and custom icon design was applied to add some brand continuity.

USATruck Spotlight Row2 Main2
Custom Illustrations

With such complex networks and processes our goal was to simplify that into an easy-to-understand illustration. Throughout the site we utilized custom graphics instead of content or imagery that further provided a brand extension in terms of style.

The Last Stop

The result is a duo of sites that brought brand recognition to new heights online and allowed for organic keywords and search traffic to skyrocket.

USATruck Anchor
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