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Don't read the news, visualize it

The way we consume media in today’s digitally-connected world has changed. NOW is a powerful new journalism platform that combines the best of social media and mobile technology.

  • Challenge

    To create an application that is optimized for text-based information to be communicated quickly and read easily.

  • Solution

    To combine the visual appeal of a magazine with the conveniences of a mobile application with intent to create intuitive navigation.

  • Results

    A robust platform providing a beautiful digital experience that reflects the true power of delivering news through visual imagery.

UI/UX Design

Navigating your way through a newspaper can be overwhelming due to the amount of content; however, it becomes second nature to those that read the paper every day. We wanted the same, intuitive experience for an online application that delivers the same content – giving careful consideration to the flow and navigation of the user experience.

Application Features

The user experience is made possible through specific features including infinite scrolling which entices the user to continue reading. Also, a fixed category menu simplifies navigation throughout the mass amount of content.

WSJ Large Imagery

Large Visuals

WSJ Category Menu

Fixed Category Menu

WSJ Scrolling

Infinite Scrolling

Putting the news in “news feed”

Our approach was to create a user experience unlike any other traditional news or blog site. By leveraging popular anatomy of the social media “news feed,” we can ensure user familiarity with the UI of our design. With a dedicated column for the latest and trending stories to appear, visitors see brand-new content with virtually no effort.

LLT Group Laptop
Spotlight Mobile_0000_Mobile 2 Spotlight Mobile_0001_Mobile 1 Spotlight Mobile_0002_Mobile 3
Mobile App Design

The way we consume media in today’s digitally-connected world has changed. As online news consumption continues to increase, especially on mobile devices, we have created an experience that is familiar for mobile users as well as desktop users alike.

WSJ LargeDisplayAd
Large Format Display Ads

Advertising Reimagined: With these large format display ads, the advertisement seamlessly shifts content over for the user, becoming apart of the website while placing itself right in front of the user.

The Final Word

Our goal was to create a powerful new journalism platform that combines the intuitive functionality of social media with mobile technology. Our vision for NOW included a fresh identity design, clean UI elements such as typography, and an intuitive navigation designed universally for all web platforms.

Wsj Anchorbull
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