May 17, 2020

Rahul Wahi

Being a part of or running a company that is looking for a refresh is no easy task. It’s often times a do or die feeling based on the perceived loss of marketshare or loss of opportunity if it is not done. Simply stated there are many variables to juggle and all while entering a new space of play (ie looking for a digital partner).

One of the most common fallbacks that happens with companies overwhelmed with the process (or not knowing where to start) is focusing on a deliverable. Sometimes this is a good thing for the company, but most of the time it in fact is a detriment. In today’s day and age most companies want a digital partnership, but go about it by asking all the “deliverable” questions. So when can you tell that you might be focusing too heavily on the deliverable and not enough on the relationship? Check out our conversation below for a few key signs.

Tony:  So let’s say, somebody came in.  They wanted a deliverable.  Whether it’s us, XYZ Firm, they acted on the deliverable.  What are some telltale signs, fast-forward to the end of the project, that they focused too heavily on the deliverable, and not enough on their strategy, right?  Some of the, what are some of the bad outcomes?

Rahul: Well, the bad outcomes are, the plateaued performance.  Taking a snapshot of prior and looking at it afterwards.  And is it performing at the same level?  Are they delivering, are they answering the same questions that they were before they had that existing digital experience?  Has their brand changed, internally, but externally, it still looks the same.  Like it did when it had it before.  How does it function?  How does it feel?  When someone comes to the site, or they come to that experience?  Are they capturing what they want, and walking away, or are they saying, “You know what?  I’m looking for more of a conversation.”  So a lot of those, what we call, Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, we set at the very beginning so that we don’t have the same plateaued experience at the launch.

Tony:  Yeah, definitely.

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