5 Innovative Designs for Coffee

July 12, 2017

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Gettin’ Jazzed-Up: 5 Innovative Packaging Designs for Coffee

5 Innovative Designs for Coffee 1

Packaging. It protects and transports our potato chips, coffee, jewelry, furniture, and just about any product you can think of. But packaging has come a long way from its purely functional roots.

Sure, a bottle effectively transports water to your mouth. But it can also tell a powerful brand story that gets your consumer engaged and excited to be a part of your company.

Put simply, great packaging communicates what a product is, what you can use that product for, who should use it and of course, whether or not we should take the plunge and buy it. It is a shortcut for the overwhelmed consumer who does not have time to consider all the pros and cons of all available products. That is, packaging can make or break the sale regardless of the quality of the product inside.

It can be difficult to know how to design great packaging, however— after all, packaging is ubiquitous in our lives and it seems like there are endless options to consider.

Here at LLT, we scour the deep trenches of the web to keep our readers, and designers, fresh with great ideas. And since everyone on the planet loves coffee (we still don’t believe there are non-coffee-drinkers out there), we found five examples of stand-out coffee packaging that will surely persuade even the most devout Starbucks drinkers to try something new:

Dark Matter Coffee

5 Innovative Designs for Coffee 2


Renown Chicago roastery, Dark Matter Coffee, has some of the most memorable coffee packaging out there. Unlike many other modern coffee brands, minimalism and whitewashed aesthetics are thrown to the wayside— instead, Dark Matter embraces a vibrant, heavy metal style. All of the design is done in house and they collaborate with external artists to create customized artwork for special releases. This extreme aesthetic contrast with other brands results in a truly memorable brand experience. And how often do you get to say you’ve just had Unicorn Blood?

Kokomo Coffee

5 Innovative Designs for Coffee 3


AKU Design Agency and UK illustrator Ryan Chapman have created simple, but unique packaging for KOKOMO, a micro roaster in Estonia. The company wanted to avoid high production costs, so a minimalist approach was used to communicate only the necessary information. A small stamp tells the story of each roast— where it came from and how far the coffee had to travel to reach the viewer.

Perkse Coffee & Tea

5 Innovative Designs for Coffee 4


Packaging for Perkse Coffee & Tea Co., a monthly subscription service for luxury tea and coffee,  deviates a bit from the tried and true bag format. Instead, design studio Salih Hucukaga designed packaging reminiscent of a milk carton. This not only makes for easier and safer shipping, but it creates a unique unboxing experience for consumers (vital for online merchandisers). The soft colors and simple graphics on the carton contrast beautifully with the dark textures of the coffee and tea product within.

Dear Mama Coffee

5 Innovative Designs for Coffee 5


Dear Mama Coffee is a speciality coffee bar in East Harlem, NYC and is a melting pot (or should I say brewing pot?) of great coffee, art and community. Their sunburst logo uses beautiful geometry to instill a feeling of warmth and artisanal quality. Combined with clever design elements and a rich Americana color palette, Dear Mama packaging successfully taps into consumers’ growing desire for nostalgia and authenticity.

Omar and the Marvelous Coffee Bird

5 Innovative Designs for Coffee 6


Melbourne’s Omar & the Marvelous Coffee Bird also deviates from the typical bag format for its high-grade, single origin coffee. Since this premium coffee is hand-filled and packaged in person, Coffee Bird needed a simple and cost effective solution. As a result, Creative Order designed packaging that utilizes a smooth, matte black tube for a sophisticated feel. A beautiful illustration greets the customer once the seal is broken and the lid comes off. Altogether, this creates a pleasurable, unique, and memorable experience.

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