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Enhancing A Redesign With A Content-driven UX/UI Approach & Visual Media

Heightened web and visual content to provide more readily available information to credit union members.

What we accomplished

  • 40%

    Reduction in Core Page Count

  • 300+

    Pages Included in Sitemap and Launched

  • 19%

    Increase in Organic Keyword Rankings

  • 33%

    Reduction in Bounce Rate

Altura Credit Union is a $1.1 Billion+, full-service financial services company that offers checking, savings, business and consumer loans, mortgages, investments, and auto-buying services to more than 120,000 members. With over a dozen branches located in the Inland Empire of Southern California, they are a community-based credit union that is truly member-centric.

Altura is driven by establishing a local presence within the community and then reinvesting in it, with a mission statement of “Enriching Lives and Empowering Dreams.”


The client came to LLT with a desire to redesign the current state of the Altura Credit Union website and presented a list of business requirements for the project outputs they were expecting. The list itself was not dissimilar from a majority of the business requirements that companies put together for redesigns, but the primary issue was it didn’t truly address their need for budget certainty by undertaking this project.

The existing Altura website was outdated, making it unusable for the team and nearly impossible to update content and add pages. While they had harsh criticisms and opinions on the “look and feel” of the UX/UI, the website had salvageable elements and information that could provide the foundation for an amazing platform if integrated correctly.

LLT recognized the potential of this opportunity and began the relationship with Altura by working to understand the varying needs of the internal departments and customers that utilized the site. After the requirements gathering, they presented a plan to revolutionize the design and content of the UX/UI to impress potential and existing credit union customers. Both LLT and Altura leaned into this trusting relationship on the promise to design, develop, and deliver not only a beautiful website upgrade in terms of UX/UI but also an intuitive, responsive platform in terms of CMS usability.

Client Type

Mid Market




Riverside, CA


Strategy, Experience, Develompent


Workshops, User Experience, Web Design, Visual Media, CMS


The open nature of the entire Altura team allowed LLT to center the relationship around discovering what was actually needed by oftentimes challenging preconceived assumptions. This transparency and open candor was necessary for LLT to gather the necessary details and information to more easily develop that into executable creative and development. A two-day workshop was held at the LLT offices so all the key stakeholders of the project could sit in the same room and not only set expectations but also build a level of understanding around how deeprooted this project would be within the Altura organization.

Having already established themself as a local credit union in the area, the community was immensely important to Altura and having an already existing site with the flexibilities to showcase that “community sense” was all but necessary. With 16 branches around Southern California, LLT set out to help expand the visibility of these branches and the impact they had on giving back to the community through donations, information, and services.

“It was extremely important for us to create Altura an amazing experience for customers and for themselves. While we, of course, aim to do this for every client, I can honestly say that from getting to know the team they had this sense of hospitality and positivity that was contagious,”

— Tony Zipparro, COO at LLT Group

Going all-in on Content and User Experience

In order to pull this off, LLT needed to focus on a heavy, Content-driven UX/UI because of the sheer volume of content that needed to be represented. LLT looked to establish service order priorities based on current business value and future business growth by working through content mapping and restructuring the information hierarchy. This approach helped bring about unique solutions in multiple navigation points and simplified things for customers by removing any overwhelming aspects.

Looking for a corporate redesign that helps better showcase your brand in the light that consumers should see you? Let’s use strategy, visual assets and messaging to make that happen.

After implementing a strategy for page hierarchy and sitemap, LLT heavily leveraged visual content to better portray the truly inclusive brand Altura had come to represent. This involved storyboarding photography, testimonials, and on-site video production that could be not only integrated into the pages of the site but also the company-wide campaigns being run at individual branches as well as headquarters.


An intense, hyper-focus on information hierarchy and page-related strategy helped reduce the core page count of the site by 40% (from 150 pages to 90 pages) while providing a clearer, more concise navigation. After the launch, the overall sitemap grew to over 300 pages with the remaining including content, landing pages, or resource-laden content intended for member consumption.

“Congrats to the team for a successful web site deployment. The site looks awesome!!”

— The Altura Team

What did the re-structure of content and pages help to achieve?

Within two months of launching the new website, organic keyword rankings increased from 9,947 to 11,836, an impressive increase of 19% due to improved visitor, on-site actions with the newly developed site.

There was also a notable boost of helping metrics, especially: Unique Visitors were up 11.5% month-over-month, Average Visitor Duration soared from just over 2 minutes per visitor to nearly 7 minutes, and the Bounce Rate was cut by nearly a third, from 30% to 10% on average across all devices (including from 41% to 15% on mobile and 13% to 4% on desktop).

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