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Working with Franchise Locations to Focus on Branding and Growth

A conversion-based website design and development to drive customers through integrated marketing creative and campaigns

What we accomplished

  • 3k+

    Leads / Month During Season

  • 24x

    Increase in Organic Keywords

  • 9%

    Conversion Rate

Mosquito Squad provides mosquito and tick control solutions for residential and commercial properties. The inventor of the “The Protective Barrier Treatment”, they were the first mainstream company to serve the market of the mosquito control business. Started in 2009 with just 15 locations, the franchise system has since expanded to over 200 locations nationwide and $60 million in sales.


Two owners of a local outdoor lighting franchise system came to us with the goal of branching out into a subsequent business opportunity. One had a good understanding of the residential marketplace, the other had an understanding of operations. With that they wanted to go into another business line in conjunction with their outdoor home lighting brand. This new venture was called Mosquito Squad. What was it? A franchise-based system that helped residential and (now) commercial markets with mosquito and tick control services. 

There was a piece of the puzzle missing for them though. Their fears were a lot like many business owners in which while there was an opportunity available and while they were knowledgeable in terms of operations and logistically figuring out what is needed to run the business, they didn’t have the strategy of knowing what it took for a customer to walk through the door.

Coming from a B2B (business to business) audience, they were looking for help filtering down the large homeowner market and how to speak to them. They understood that every single homeowner was not their client, but didn’t know the framework of strategy to place on top of that. This awareness helped us springboard towards the goal of creating a true brand around them and their company. The opportunity for us was to build a multi-faceted, phased campaign taking into account their business growth, trajectory and challenges.

Client Type

Mid Market


Chicago, IL


Strategy, Experience, Development


User Experience, User Interface, Web Design, Visual Media, Content, CMS, Software


It was a multi-year approach, that we knew from the start. So it was about tackling a subset of problems and learning how to phase out those problems. We worked in lockstep to identify many of the small business problems that pop up and helped them scale it out phase by phase. From experience, we knew that there was not one single solution that would revolutionize their business, but a lot of smaller efforts combined in the right timing and place. Therefore our overall approach was to understand their operations in order to help drive digital recommendations. 

There were really only two factors that mattered to start: driving revenue to keep the lights on while balancing that with new digital and branding initiatives to push overall consumer perception and growth. 

Needing a website that acts as a lead generation engine? Let’s figure out how to take your current digital presence to the next level.

Focusing on the revenue angle first, our strategy of choice was to create multiple campaigns around SEO and Pay Per Click platforms. With Pay Per Click able to capitalize on a fledgling market with almost no competitors, our goal was to provide positive cash flow while making deeper investments in organic content creation as the months went on. After the close of the first season this helped to provide funding for future state enhancements.

The underlying driver of their business was naturally the change in seasons. This helped to play into when and why we did certain things at certain times of the year. First and foremost on the brand side was getting a digital footprint on the map. Therefore we focused on turning their single landing page (that helped to gather any current leads), to a full-blown, content-rich website with tracking and analytics, to tell their story.

From a holistics point of view our multiple year approach followed a general framework similar to the below: 

Season 1 was driving revenue and understanding who the customers were.

Season 2 was refining messaging and diversifying marketing avenues.

Season 3 was about retention, training, hiring and telling stories.

Season 4 was optimizing; decreasing cost per lead and re-investing in customer-facing tools.


Partnering with Mosquito Squad Chicago has been a huge success in terms of digital products produced and marketing accomplishments. From generating 3,000+ leads per month in-season to over 30,000 leads in total through the relationship so far, to taking a non-existent organic reach (of an initial 23 keywords) to nearly 600, helping to generate thousands of local searches for services of their type; new customer acquisition has a rolodex of statistics to lean back on.

On the digital product front we have produced outcomes starting from a conversion-based website side and promotional tracking interface for consumers all the way to internal-facing tools such as a resource center and hiring hub. 

In all we were fortunate to have a client that trusted us and our opinions together as a team in order to produce results and experiment with high-potential areas of growth. 

Having much of the formula of success in terms of a strategy framework, we were also approached by 13 other Mosquito Squad franchise owners to help carry-out digital strategy across their local business areas. These areas spanned from the entire continental US, providing unique sets of climates and altered strategies for demographic and psychographic tendencies.

Today that is why we have become such a pivotal partner for them as a brand. Starting a business in year one and now finishing up our fifth year with them.

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