Logo Design vs Identity Systems

February 21, 2020

LLT Group

Many times with companies there is confusion about what really encapsulates a brand. Marketing teams, mid level executives or even owners oftentimes just want a “logo” or some “design work” done. Not being involved in the intricacies of the agency world, it naturally breeds some disconnect from what the end goal to achieve is versus what the inputs should actually be. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the field of “logo design”. 

In order to scratch the surface of the topic I sat down with our Art Director Mat. The takeaways were pretty clear. Most businesses want to achieve an identity system, yet almost all only know how to ask for a logo. Therefore, it is key to note that a logo design is a singular picture of your brand which is within a much larger picture or “puzzle”. Identity system is the “puzzle” by which your brand standards are formed and continue to live and breathe by.

Logo design and identity systems are a larger part of the service or art of branding

Tony: A lot of times in what we do, there is a lacking perspective from a client about, I guess, what is totally involved in branding?  And one of the things I know you’re passionate about is, I guess, talk to me about logo design versus identity systems and that whole sphere of stuff.

Mat:  So, you know, every mom and pop shop generally should have some kind of logo.  And at its worst, it’s a thing that says your name. And at its best, it can be you know, something to take pride in, a badge that you wear, a banner that you fly that represents you, your teammates, your friends.  And you know, echoes your values and imbues trust in the company and to your audience. But an identity system is a much bigger puzzle to which the logo is just a piece of. The identity system is colors, type, imagery, graphics, illustration, how do you paint this cohesive picture, so that it’s not just one logo with multiple interpretations, it’s, you know, a thousand elements interacting that all point toward the same singular message.

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