Key Project Differentiators

February 24, 2020

Tony Zipparro

An open letter to outlining our services and differentiators.

Many of the things you are struggling with are the things we help our exact clients with. While technical proficiency is a must, we realize that most of the weight of a good relationship relies on the ability to address non-technical problems and issues. It’s about working with you, your team and yes, your personalities. It’s about level setting, setting shared meaning in terms, and outlining expectations. And when those expectations change it’s about communicating and adapting. 

We don’t subscribe to normal differentiators that might exist in the industry. We believe our unique differentiators for this project is that our specialty is using discussion, decisions, technology and design to take conflicting input information and to arrive at an ever-improving end product. While we have helped multi-billion dollar clients and brands big and small such as Stericycle, TransUnion, Schneider, Mathnasium, Burger King, Pepsico and many more; the challenge was never “simple”. It involved layers of complexity with regards to forming relationships, managing people, setting expectations, extracting business-centric decisions and then carving a path forward on how best to utilize strategy, data, design and development to cater to the user experiences of both the buyer and internal operations teams.

Most of the new website objectives companies dream up are centered around human-based qualities and interactions. They are based on decisions and conversations that help to shape the viability and scalability of your organization. And it is within these human-centered elements that we take the most pride and care. 

You are looking for standard surface outputs. You are needing strategy to help drive the UX and UI of a higher converting website, recommendation and production on making sure your messaging and visual media is on point, and you are needing software development and integration to ensure that your ticket buyers and donors can better drive revenue into you as an organization so that you can continue to support them.

That boils down to just a couple services to execute. We have done that for hundreds of clients, big and small. And the outputs have been amazing. But what we really provide as a value proposition to you as an organization is all the in between execution. It is all the communications that exist to help form opinions and expectations of your team and our team. 

We are not here to tell you what you want to hear, but what we imagine can propel your organization to greater efficiency and growth based on the information we candidly discuss. We have the utmost respect for your opinions, but will challenge the traditional thought models in order to really dig deep and understand the changes that can be made. We are excited about you. We are excited about this project. We view it as an opportunity to work with an expert in your respective field and connect on solutions that derive passion from all of us involved. 

It’s about your users being able to find what they need. To better navigate events and make donations or generate revenue. It’s about accessibility on all types of devices and to all types of individuals. It’s about your team understanding and excelling at updating and managing the website going forward. It’s about reducing technical debt and creating better QA and deployment pipelines. But all of that starts with a foundational relationship with a partner. It’s a bit emotional and lot a bit business-value based. It’s the cadence, the communication and the feeling we get when building this next phase together. It all starts with a discussion. 

If you are ready to start yours, drop us a line.

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