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133t Application Example
Execution: Job Board

Not Your Average Job Search

Let your job board do the matching for you. From idea to execution, we have designed and developed a job board which matches the skills of a candidate to the needs of a recruiter. Our algorithm allows candidates to be matched and automatically applied to jobs, eliminating the need for an endless scroll and daily job board checking.

Fantasy Raffles Application Example
Fantasy Raffles
Case Study: Fantasy Raffles

A Unique Twist on Fantasy Sports

A full blown, fantasy sports experience with a raffle-based twist. This fantasy website comes fully stocked with all the bells and whistles you’re going to need to stay updated and knowledgable for the number of different raffles that run weekly. Just enter into the raffle of your choice based on the prize, set your line-up, and you’re good to go!

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Zeonite WebApp Screen
Execution: Reverse Ebay

Find the Products You Love

Zeonite is a company that strives to connect consumers to retailers in an effort to assist the average consumer in finding not only the product they are looking for but in a price range that suits their budgetary confinements. The website and portal are designed to connect the user with the product of their choice through direct communication with the retailer.

Select Clients

A food delivery web application that customizes the experiencing coming right to your door.

A training portal designed to walk employees through a 6-week, self-guided platform.

A Dealer portal that links purchase orders, warranty systems, reward points and certification testing.

A prescription search platform connecting potential patients with affordable pricing.

Automated self-storage solution to help you get your stuff in and out quick.

Engineer application allowing drivers, owners and businesses to access all there information via one platform.

A web application connecting freelancers with brands in order to create a brand new marketplace.

An inventory management web application giving access to warehouse and product management.

Build Your Web App Right

Bring Your Idea Into the Digital Age

Custom Design & Development

Highly interactive or data-intensive ideas need more than just a website. Based on the functional requirements a web application might be the answer. From job boards and chat rooms to inventory management softwares and company training portals; we have developed dozens of different web applications from the ground-up, ensuring that speed, scalability and overall UX is brought to the forefront.

Building a full-scale application is often broken down into phases that help to get an MVP (minimum viable product) out first into the marketplace, followed by successive feature or functionality developments. Find out how our web app builds can help achieve your project goals.

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