Web Design

From simple informational web designs to complex web applications, device-specific sites and portals, LLT creates custom-only designs that achieve business objectives. We design custom website designs that factor in more than just how it looks on a screen. By leveraging existing content, marketing, analytics and a brand's overall desired direction, LLT performs an in-depth period of research and discovery prior to even attempting to produce digital creative. After setting a foundation of type, style, and color expectations with clients we then move to create web designs that achieve visual and operational goals.

Web Design

User Interface Design

The visual execution of putting a brand's strengths, values, history and call to actions into a digital medium that allow users to navigate through with ease and purpose. Creating the skin, graphical presentation and visual cues that guide a user's interactions.

How It Applies: Initial delivery from LLT of the actual PDF of web mockups that mimic the dedicated layouts allocated in the sitemap; providing reasoning and research to support the design decisions.

Content Development

Reviewing what is currently available, realizing where gaps exist and executing a content strategy that brings all hands on deck. From an initial discovery period to follow-up Q&A's, LLT works to establish an actionable plan to customize content for site design and organic optimization.

How It Applies: LLT works with the client to create content that fits into the custom website design. This involves creating new and re-purposing existing content as needed.

User Experience Design

Optimizing digital designs by way of integrating in existing data and metrics, competitor analysis information, product / service structure, wireframing, testing, analysis and iteration. Converting data into design.

How It Applies: LLT works through feedback loops with the client to optimize the presented web designs in order to confirm that user flow and goals are being met.

Data Visualization

Finding client data currently available that is too complex to digest just in words and discussing how to integrate visual styles that compliment the brand through the necessary medium the data visualization is being output on.

How It Applies: Turning client's complex data or information into visuals that can be more easily recognized, understood and digested by the visitor. Think charts, graphs, stats and infographics.

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