Graphic Design

The design of graphics to be applied to different mediums. Through a combination of visual elements such as layout, illustration, and typography with strategic elements such as spatial decisions and problem solving we implement branding across a variety of materials.

Graphic Design Services

Digital Design

Strategizing, researching and recommending digital designs that achieve a goal. Producing branding and marketing visuals for on-screen viewing experiences, without the necessity of custom development prior to being viewed.

How It Applies: Taking the brand direction (logo, illustrations, copy, etc.) and applying it to websites, online banners, digital sales materials, etc. Basically the creation of any company materials that can be


Understanding the end goal and ROI of the piece to be developed. Selecting appropriate sizing and delivery considerations. Generating effective placement ideas and sending design to production.

How It Applies: Creating letterhead, business cards, pitch decks, sales sheets, catalogs, yard signs, postcards, mailers and anything else that is intended to be produced on paper (or other mediums).


Developing eye-catching packaging design that still adheres to production specifications. Carefully using product real estate to balance brand messaging, value proposition and legal requirements.

How It Applies: Designing the actual packaging according to the printer's design template and presenting initially as digital concepts. Then working with the printer in order to ensure quality and consistency of design.


Brainstorming, researching and proposing advertising / promotional marketing ideas to clients with volume and budget details. Designing the digital that is applied to each promotional marketing item or advertising campaign.

How It Applies: Establishing custom designs for specific advertising campaigns or promotional (mugs, apparel, giveaways, etc.) print materials.


Creating a brand extension through the use of visuals that relate information to operations. Utilizing these brand extensions through digital and print mediums in order to strengthen overall target market perception.

How It Applies: LLT works to establish complimenting brand icons or custom illustrations. These are visuals that are peppered through the website and other company materials.

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