Why Do Businesses Treat Digital Projects So Easily as a Deliverable?

March 21, 2020

Rahul Wahi

In our initial video on “Digital as a Deliverable” we discussed how businesses relate their projects to that of simple tasks or outputs to be completed. But the reality is it is so much more than that. In the discussion below we dive a bit deeper into why this occurrence may be so often taken up by potential customers. 

Tony: Why do you think a lot of businesses treat it so easily as a deliverable?  Why do they come in and say like, “Oh, this is what I’m looking for,” when in essence, what they’re telling me is that there’s not some of that “Why?” That thought, behind it. 

Rahul: Well, it’s very easy to say the word “website.”  And cross something off your list, right? It’s very hard to understand the question of:  What is the planned strategy? What is the user experience? What is content-mapping? What is the user experience journey?  How are we going to optimize the site? What does it look like from a messaging standpoint? Those are questions that really take a lot more digging.  So, I believe, because the word “website” is harvested under an umbrella called “digital,” a lot of times, it’s a lot easier to just say, “We need a new website,” in hopes that that’s good enough.  And you know, it’s interesting, because you know, it comes that, the next point is, when we’re sometimes sitting there and you know, we get the opportunity to work with, you know, the amazing clients that we have, it’s a question that really happened from more of a strategic level.  You know? I always tell people that, you know, we look at ourselves as digital strategists, and the build will come. The easy part is the build part. The strategy is the piece of “Why.” Because that really aligns the expectations of: what does the build need to perform at?

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