Making Fresh, Sustainable Seafood Accessible

What we did

Brand Strategy
Art Direction
Web Design
Graphic Design
Web Development

OceanBox makes it easy for everyone to enjoy the incredible flavor and health benefits of quality seafood. They offer a fresh seafood subscription that is delivered within 3 days after it’s caught. They needed a new look that captivates and resonates with the target audience.

The challenge
To design a new website that offers fresh seafood as a one-time purchase and subscription boxes.

The solution
Unique and sophisticated look with an intuitive and straightforward user experience.

Extending the Brand

We wanted the new redesigned website to have a unique look that grabs the user’s attention and stands out among other subscription services.

Combined, the new serif font and the updated color palette give the brand a professional and sophisticated look that will make even the pickiest eaters want to give seafood a chance.


Maastricht Blue
Sea Serpent
Purple Navy
Metallic Silver
Medium Grey
Light Grey

Color Palette

Floating Elements

Telling the brand story

The OceanBox process is a great selling point and needed to be communicated throughout the website. For the How it Works page, we illustrated the process to show just how fresh the product is compared to other seafood options.

A dynamic web experience

The asymmetrical layout guides the user down the page and helps tell the story of OceanBox in a more dynamic way. Floating sea-life and bubbles shift as you scroll to engage the user and create movement. All the design elements work together to create a memorable user experience.

User journey that is enjoyable and straightforward

The final product is a sophisticated yet approachable brand and user experience that will make even the pickiest eaters want to give seafood a chance.

Build a Box Experience

To make sure that the users journey is enjoyable and straightforward, we kept the process of creating a box simple and intuitive. Once a user decides to create a box, they are taken through 4 simple steps that guide them through seafood selection and subscription options.

Creating a coherent brand

Brand experience should work with user experience, so we wanted to make sure all printed materials felt consistent with the new website. The box, seafood labels, and box insert all work together to engage and captivate the customer.

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