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The LA pilot is the latest in the LLT expansion, and it’s going gangbusters. Since the launch of the market in 2016 we have signed more clients between the San Francisco, LA and San Diego markets than any other. We are coming in with hundreds of clients and years of branding, web design and web development expertise.

12number of months we would rather be in Cali than Chicago


Our Partnerships

LA has allowed us some great opportunities to partner with clients in order to provide web, branding and marketing initiatives. Here are just a few:

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Job Openings

Here at LLT we pride ourselves on hiring talented, passionate and self-motivated individuals. If you think you fit the build, take a peek at what we have available.

Account Manager

Los Angeles

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Account Managers (AM) keep the customer – and the agency — satisfied. They are responsible for managing an array of accounts and act as client experts. AM’s will maintain the client relationship on a daily basis and be aware of the client’s industry, their products, their strengths/weaknesses, their brand and thus will be the frontline in upselling existing accounts with applicable services. Account Managers work directly with the project managers to ensure client project success. AMs are the direct point of contact to the client. They are the client’s voice and representation within an agency.

Account managers are oriented externally. Their focus is to help clients grow their businesses with the help of the agency’s resources. The agency’s internal operations are less of concern for them; they’re primarily advocates for the client. Their job is to communicate both good and bad news to a client with tact and aplomb, answer questions, and make certain they receive what the client asked for as part of their agency contractual agreement.


Own client expertise

  • Expert on client’s business model, marketplace, competitors * Responsible for managing several accounts and often being the face of the company to many clients.
  • Championing the customer/client at all levels internally and overseeing project managers as it relates to their accounts.
  • Feeding back all suggestions for improvement and market research to relationship managers.



  • AM to assist in scoping new deals.
  • Involved in the selling process of new clients and seamlessly able to pick up client onboarding once client deal is signed.
  • Facilitate hand off between sales and Project Management team.
  • Responsible for detailed note transfer to PM and owns prospect to client journey.


Day to day client management

  • Coordinate project related scope changes.
  • Manage new project requests from existing/past clients. This would include anything from a brochure, marketing plan, website edit, etc. The AM would run the communication and fact finding for the need.
  • Mitigate proposal questions
  • Escalate and resolve areas of concern as raised by clients.
  • Communicate and mitigate project shifts or delays when it comes to promised timeline and deliverables



  • Analyze current client marketing efforts and suggest improvements. Interact with internal marketing director to identify areas of opportunity
  • Lead monthly account reviews including monthly marketing reports and project status updates
  • Call client weekly / bi-weekly / monthly to get a pulse on project progress and satisfaction.
  • Inform clients about company products, services and promotions.


Support of client relationship post launch

  • Hosting and Support Contract Initiation
  • Post Launch Services Introduction (SEO, SEM, Support, other projects)


WordPress training would be a plus

Ask Clients for reviews


  • Minimum 1 year in Account Manager role in an agency-type setting
  • Familiar with website design and launch processes and terminology
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills. Able to finesse delicate client relationships.
  • Able to balance the client’s needs, wants and priorities, and the agency’s bottom line. AM’s play a crucial role in client retention as well as potentially bringing in new business as part of an existing client referral process.
  • Diplomatic and compassionate – they know when to push and when to let things simmer.
  • Strong but non-aggressive leadership style.
  • Collaborative approach to issues and generally team minded.
  • Account managers are salespeople, strategists, creatives, and have an excellent grasp of business. They must be strong communicators, highly social, and highly available. Good analytical, sales, and financial skills are a big plus.
Director of Support (Development)

Los Angeles

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Here at LLT Group we have a booming support division for maintaining and providing technical customer service to our clients. This is where you come in. We are looking for someone that can help us optimize and grow the division with our direct help.

This is basically any hosting and / or help desk requests from live or pre-production websites that deal almost exclusively with PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript (i.e. 90%+ of sites are WordPress sites that need front-end or back-end alterations).


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP/Wordpress
  • Domain Handling
  • cPanel



  • Documenting hours for Support-Clients
  • Handling issues that bypass the established flow
  • Delegate an issue to the appropriate resource
  • Prioritizing issues and requests
  • Updating legacy sites
  • QA Testing
  • Launching a site
  • Project Scoping
  • Performing edits for sites in development
  • Managing Logins



Right now things are a little discombobulated, but they are easy to fix. We have an extremely lean team managing the process and as a company and culture we want to invest more time in making the experience internally and externally (for clients) better. Don’t get us wrong, our ticketing and support process is working…we are just being super picky about optimizing it.

What we need is someone who is passionate about support, business and helping customers achieve their site goals.

If you are the kind of person that enjoys the challenge of not only technical troubleshooting but growing into a position whereby you take more and more business initiatives on, this is the position for you. We are looking for someone to “own” the support and maintenance division, grow a team underneath them and help to build optimized processes and revenues.

This position will be given autonomy over the division to help make business decisions that drive better service and internal process. It will start with needing resource / team allocation expertise and of course the technical backing to jump in and make alterations when needed.

In the beginning it will include making sure you can jump in and provide technical fixes to clients, but only to help you understand and establish a process that you can hand off to others. We have support members of the team currently, it simply needs a leader.

We expect within 3-6 months the role will grow into having technical support members within the team and many of the responsibilities your role requires is that of leading, planning, strategizing and acting as a director.

Web Designer (Client Dedicated)

Los Angeles

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LLT Group is looking for a Web Designer who is dedicated to specific client accounts and is responsible for developing original creative concepts and approaches while also maintaining existing web and brand styles. As a Web Designer you must be driven and passionate about mastering your craft and solving real-world problems.


  • 3-5 years of visual design experience
  • Do great things – a kick-ass portfolio of real work that showcases your web design ability
  • Enjoy working with one brand or client for long periods of time
  • Ability to absorb and recall all past solutions created per client and present new designs that implement that collective knowledge
  • A strong background of web design experience with great attention to detail
  • Experience in responsive design with a solid understanding of how elements need to reflow for both tablet and mobile sizes
  • Basic understanding of front end technologies to effectively communicate both written and verbally with development teams on how things should function
  • Ability to review developed pages and identify any items that are not pixel perfect with the designs
  • Knowledge of WCAG Compliance Guidelines and how those impact design considerations
  • Confidence to navigate client conversations on your own in order to understand project requirements, present your ideas directly, and explain reasonings for your design choices
  • A strong understanding of Illustrator and Sketch is a must and a good understanding of Photoshop is a plus
  • Strong leadership and teamwork skills – the ability to work with team members across all departments
  • A solid understanding of designing intuitive site functionality, interaction, site architecture, user interfaces, and navigation.
  • A great attitude! We work hard to create a collaborative environment and a positive and humble attitude ensures everyone stays friends
  • Get shit done – Self-starter work ethic to effectively manage your time and provide extra value to the team in your downtime
  • Strong conceptual thinking. We want people who can continuously think out of the box and approach each project as a unique challenge and come up with surprising, cool concepts to move forward with
  • Be in the know – up-to-date knowledge of design best practices and emerging technologies
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in a related field
Lead Front-End Developer

Los Angeles

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Looking for a developer who is both confident and generous in their knowledge of front-end development, and can lead a team to be just as conversent in trending technologies. The perfect candidate would most comfortably fit into the role of mentor and would primarily assist our existing team of PHP website developers to effectively transition into web application development.

This role would not only consist of managing the skills of their team but also patiently steering sometimes adverse personalities to an individual’s strengths and helping those individuals focus on successes over the trials that come from a budding process.

With that said, the right candidate would thrive in the beginning stages of a new process and take ownership in helping ground that process and the technologies that best suit the team and their objectives. We’re not looking for someone to come in and dictate—as if the team were inexperienced to start—but instead lead and encourage growth with a warming, positive attitude.


  • Ruby on Rails
  • JavaScript Frameworks
    • React (primary)
    • Vue.js (secondary)
  • Git
  • SASS
  • Accessibility
  • WordPress (optional?)



Great communicator

  • Keeps team well-informed about business and team endeavors
  • Communicates clear professional and project expectations
  • Motivational and encouraging



  • Regularly checks on individuals’ comfort in project
  • Regularly and patiently helps individuals understand concepts
  • Focused on helping team become equally as perficient and reliable
  • Able to identify an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, and also able to make individual aware and able to grow and expand on strengths
  • Is not overbearing but always seeks to give individuals direction



  • Should have a good attitude towards usual business processes and expected project shortcomings
  • Able to push through difficult stressors and encourage team to get through them together


Advocate for Team

  • Should feel like the team’s shepherd rather than an executive that seldom checks up on team
  • Should be focused on helping the team achieve their goals and is regularly aware of the health of the team
  • Empathetic



  • Friendly
  • Great attitude
  • Funny, able to take a joke (probably watches The Officeon repeat)
  • Obviously social with the team
  • Open-minded


Respectfully Headstrong

  • Sticks to their guns when making a decision that will truly benefit and encourage the team, even in the face of initial adversity from the team when they may not have the full picture
  • Able to give strong direction and see it through
Ruby on Rails (Backend Developer)

Los Angeles

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LLT is actively recruiting a Backend Developer to join our team in Naperville. At a broad level, we’re looking for top-tier talent to help us strategically implement data pipelines and APIs for client-based applications.

This would not only include working in conjunction with our frontend team in a framework like Ruby on Rails or Phoenix, but also building out both RESTful and GraphQL APIs for web and/or mobile consumption. You may even write a serverless function or two. Whatever suits your fancy! At the end of the day, we want youto be the driver of the application and its needs. It’s as much your project as it is the clients.

If it takes you 12 weeks to build out a basic prototype, then go away. We’re looking for self-motivated people that work swiftly and intelligently, as well as enjoy experimenting and prototyping new ideas and technology. We want leaders, not sheep.


  • Develop new applications, or update existing ones, in conjunction with project management, frontend developers, and designers
  • Ability to iterate quickly on an MVP, taking incremental steps towards the best solution for both our team and the client
  • Competence in taking a fully fleshed-out wireframe and turning that into working prototype in a matter of weeks, not months
  • Effectively communicate with team members–inside our outside the office–in a transparent and respectful manner
  • Assist in managing Heroku staging and production environments; If you’re comfortable with AWS, we’re looking to step up our game there
  • Take initiative in improving our software practices and automation, addressing any pain points your facing as a developer
  • Keep code easy to maintain and keep it easy for others to contribute
  • Qualify developers for hiring



  • You must haveworked on a production-level backend application, preferably using Rails or Phoenix.
  • Proficiency with SQL beyond abstractions offered by ORMs such as Active Record or Ecto
  • Ability to build/maintain either RESTful or GraphQL APIs for frontend consumption
  • Love for testing that make others question your sanity
  • Experience with other technologies and platforms a plus (JavaScript/Node, Redis, ElasticSearch, AWS, React, etc.)
  • You can reason about software, algorithms, and performance from a high level
  • Strong written communication skills
  • Self-motivated and have strong organizational skills
  • You share our values, and work in accordance with those values


*** No sponsorship will be offered for this position***

WordPress Developer (Team Lead)

Los Angeles

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LLT is actively recruiting for a WordPress Team Lead to join our team. Knowledge of WordPress, PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS is a must. We are looking for top-tier talent to help strategize, visualize and develop client-based websites are comprised of custom WordPress informational sites with thoughtful front-ends. You will be working hand-in-hand in a project team that is comprised of designers, other developers and project managers.

This individual will be looking to have a team grown underneath them, and while in the beginning will be responsible for taking on some WordPress projects the longer term goal is to grow into managing a team of 3-5 individuals. This team lead will head up the WordPress development division and be expected to help project allocation, work with strategic teams on process initiatives and continually push the envelope when it comes to technical languages.


We custom design each site in Sketch or Illustrator with our designers in-house and then apply the WordPress CMS to best fit the edit and content needs of a client (knowledge of Zeplin a plus). We look to build intentionally client-focused backends that will help them more easily manage content within their organization. This often includes the responsive developed decisions being left up to the developer.

What this means is that we are looking for someone that can use best judgement and exercise creativity in building systems.

With that being said there are some obvious requirements that would come with that.

In General:

  • HTML
  • PHP
  • CSS & SCSS
  • JS & jQuery
  • Git
  • Chrome Dev Tools


WordPress Specific

  • WordPress Core
  • Developing and Deploying Completely Custom Themes (that means no plugins and no themes…even starter themes)
  • Hooks, Actions & Filters
  • Able to Develop Custom Plugins
  • Local WordPress Environment
Project Manager

Los Angeles

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Description & Responsibilities

The Project Manager is responsible for client communications and coordinating efforts with the Creative Director, creative team and clients. The primary role is to help organize project phases, provide creative team support and provide the client a clear and up-to-date communication channel. The Project Manager must be detail-driven and be able to deliver messaging from internal company sources with precision to other internal sources as well as external client-facing contacts. This position will be a channel between sales management teams, the creative team and the client.

The Project Manager will be in charge of kick-starting the initial communication between LLT Group and the client. They will actively sit in on client creative meetings and always take comprehensive and attentive notes. Organization of the notes and coordinating additional needs will be expected to occur between the Project Manager and the creative team. With the help and direction of the Creative Director and Senior Project Manager, unique emails are to be crafted in order to fully communicate progress, timelines and deliverables within the project. As the project progresses, the Project Manager will be responsible for setting up and facilitating meetings and calls with clients.

What We’re Looking For:

  • Communicate project status with team members, management and stakeholders on an ongoing basis via weekly status reports and/or other methods as needed.
  • Manage changes to the project scope, project schedule, and project costs using appropriate verification techniques in order to keep the project plan accurate, updated and reflective of authorized project changes; facilitate client acceptance of changes.
  • Demonstrate qualities of diplomacy, problem solving and decisiveness, as well as the proven ability to balance many needs and remain detail oriented while tracking and organizing many resources.
  • Build mutual trust and encourage respect and cooperation among team members. Motivates the team, boosts morale and ensures project efficiency.
  • Demonstrate initiative, dependability and diplomacy.
  • Demonstrate good listening, writing and speaking skills.
  • Have a complete and thorough understanding of all aspects of projects assigned.
  • Communicate project status and next steps to team members, stakeholders and directors regularly and accurately.
  • Ensure the timely completion of project tasks, phases, milestones within budgetary constraints.
  • Establish good working relationships with coworkers and team members.
  • Establish good rapport with clients and project stakeholders.
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