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Providing Dynamic Content to Consumers

Refreshing a brand to better guide users to information they need

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Accion is the largest nationwide, nonprofit lending network in the United States and has helped fund over 60,000 loans totaling in access of $500 million. The Accion Network is comprised of three smaller, location-based hubs, including one for the west coast, one for the east coast, and one for the midwest. Over the past 25 years, they have held to the belief that a loan is an opportunity for someone to secure a better future. This belief has guided them to focus on small business loans that have a high potential, net positive impact for local communities.


Both the Director of Growth and Growth Associate from the Accion marketing team was tasked with finding a digital partner that could help their organization with not only the creative and development components of a new website build and UX/UI but also actively navigate the nuances of numerous expectations and ideas. They had a clear vision for the new site and needed a trusted partner that could help them sort through these ideas and bring them to life.

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Mid Market




New York, NY


Experience, Develompent


User Experience, Web Design, Content, CMS

“We aim to clarify and enrich the user experiences for small business owners (SBO), funders, and partners in order to drive growth in online applications while instilling excitement in our mission and confidence in our brand among funders and partners.”

The organization, with multiple geographic hubs across the US, had developed numerous resources and a digital presence that had become segmented over the years. This created fragmentation in their ability to not only access resources but it also created a disjointed user experience from one location to another. This prevented Accion from having a fully unified customer positioning online as well as a complete, easy-to-manage content component on the backend.

LLT had grown accustomed to serving selflessly by funding other people’s dreams of success so they decided it was their turn to evolve into more customer-centric creative.


As LLT entered the project, they focused on a couple of key objectives as they began to search for successful solutions. Their first objective was on a corporate redesign, which required focus on the trends, styles, and visual display that Accion customers would feel most comfortable with. The second was to provide dynamic content based on geographic location. Since LLT typically approached projects from a more technical perspective, they needed to gather a full understanding of the logic behind which locations were intended to serve specific content and programming in “fringe” areas that for unknown reasons were not determined for individuals. The final primary objective was to successfully combine three location hubs into one. This involved taking a collaborative approach by working with the directors of each location to best identify a content and sitemap plan that felt like each area was “winning”.

Considering using dynamic content to showcase unique messaging to website visitors based on location or other business rules?

By combining each of these objectives, LLT was able to form a multi-faceted, content-driven UX/UI approach that could best display the hundreds of different customer stories, blog posts, resources, and how-tos found within the archives of the Accion site.

On the back-end, the LLT development team worked with the Accion team to structure and select a CMS that would allow all their teams across the country to effectively have the appropriate permissions to every area they needed to manage. This required LLT to assess the user types and roles that needed to exist and then confirm that the selected CMS could support continual self-maintenance by key individuals on the Accion team.



The project was a success and resulted in a complete UX/UI overhaul and brand new CMS that provided a level of convenience that the Accion team had not yet enjoyed at this stage of the business. Their chosen CMS provided a great degree of modularity based on the design strategy that allowed for the quick and easy creation of new pages on the website.

With the implementation of dynamic content filtering, visitors from across the US could now receive tailored content from their corresponding Accion-hub across the entirety of the website. This helped facilitate a jumping off point to encourage a significantly increased number of loan applications.

From an organic perspective, Accion experienced a large upswing in ranking keywords and grew from 20,180 top 100 terms to over 34,400 in the two years since their launch. Total site traffic from organic rankings benefited from this newfound organic prominence which nearly tripled from 10,300 visitors per month to over 30,500.

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