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Undertaking a Corporate Redesign by Focusing on Bringing Thought Leadership to the Forefront

A complete redesign of a CMS platform to allow for dynamic content, lead generation and better information architecture.

What we accomplished

  • 20%

    Increase in Organic Traffic

  • 16%

    Increase in Total Organic Rankings

  • 65%

    Within Top 3 Positions

  • 2x

    Conversion Rate Nearly Double to 9%

Aeris is a technology partner, headquartered in Santa Clara, that connects with organizations, big and small, to capture and use data from thousands of endpoints and devices to identify changes and respond proactively. They provide global cellular data connectivity, an advanced connectivity management platform, and an advanced business application platform – made for the internet of things. With over twenty five years of experience helping customers connect their devices and realize the greatest business value of their connected devices, they average a network of 10+ million devices and 1 billion IoT messages per day.


“Our website will introduce visitors to Aeris, what we make, and why they should care. For a few visitors it will be an introduction to the ideas of IoT connectivity and platforms. For still more visitors it will provide them the high-level technical and business value information they need as they learn about and evaluate our services,” Nick Waschezyn, Creative Design Manager at Aeris, said. “Visitors will be directed to compelling content; each page will lead them naturally to another, or to our downloadable content. And, when they are ready to learn more from a member of our sales team a contact form will always be at the ready.”

The marketing team at Aeris came to LLT wanting a complete corporate redesign. Over the years, Aeris experienced tremendous growth and while resources became more plentiful, they also grew more fragmented. This resulted in a couple different websites and hundreds of pages of content, so Aeris needed a better way to integrate their burgeoning brand into the design of the website while providing a more curated journey to potential businesses looking to utilize their services.

The opportunity for LLT was predicated on a few different goals – better organize existing content and thought leadership to provide greater UX/UI, combine two separate websites into one and create a central hub of information and SEO power, and better integrate their brand identity and aesthetics into the UX/UI of the website.

Client Type

Mid Market




San Jose, CA


Strategy, Experience, Development


User Experience, Web Design, CMS


The first step LLT took to leverage this tremendous opportunity was to align and connect with Aeris to better understand their business objectives. Since Aeris had been an established business for 25+ years before partnering with LLT, there was a myriad of history and knowledge to be absorbed on not only what was proven to work in their marketplace but also what perceptions they were actuating internally to provide the company with an overall direction.

After multiple conversations, LLT arrived at two primary business objectives – turn a higher percentage of site visitors into prospects before converting them into customers, and position Aeris in the marketplace as a thought and industry leader.

These business objectives manifested into key outputs that needed to be achieved: create distinct online spaces for different geographic regions in which Aeris did business, serve as a major point of engagement for account-based marketing, increase conversion (form submissions), improve search engine rankings, and increase engagement (time on site, content downloads).

Taking content beyond the brand.

While branding was integral for how these outputs would be creatively integrated it into the new layouts, content, and visual media, the primary approach from LLT was to focus on a Content-driven UX/UI approach. This required digging deep into the nuances of the content and how it was structured, while content mapping and wireframes were necessary in the early discussions to ensure the expectations of being a “thought leader” would be evident in the final designs.

“Similar to how Aeris helps business work with voluminous and fragmented data, the redesign was an exercise in LLT and Aeris taking disparate content and providing identity and direction to them. Thoughtful, Content-driven user experience and interface design is what was needed to win the day,“

— Tony Zipparro, COO at LLT Group

While the primary focus was heavily centered around content and how visuals were complementary, a secondary goal was to work with the Aeris team to understand how they planned to produce, edit, and publish this wealth of resources. To achieve this, itwas imperative to develop Aeris operations and design flexibility around the CMS that was to be built and utilized by multiple different departments within the company. This also required staying focused on delivering an easy-to-use, modular design system that marketing, business development, and customer service representatives could log into and distribute content.


The new Aeris website launched in 2018 and they not only achieved success metrics around conversions and user interactions, but gained a comprehensive platform that extended their internal capabilities to target, connect, and communicate with potential customers.

“We’ve seen a marked increase in form submissions, and a definite improvement in search engine page ranking since the Aeris website went live last month,” Nick Waschezyn, Creative Design Manager at Aeris, said. “Our website has been our top lead-generator for the last few years, and being able to improve on that is really a huge deal for us.”

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A more robust, internal CMS has allowed individual team members to more quickly originate and publish landing pages, resources, and other content that could easily be tracked and observed by the marketing team. With the programmatic integration of DemandBase (for the user of dynamic content based on business), Aeris has also been able to greatly improve their customer funnel as it relates to providing relevant, targeted content to visitors of specific pages.

Not every project is perfect and in this instance, many unexpected obstacles presented themselves within the redesign. However, these obstacles were easily sidestepped or overcome due to the strong foundation of trust and understanding that was established at the beginning of the project. The relationship with Aeris, especially their marketing team, became a testament to what hard work and determination could produce when two partners were aligned.

“I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate and thank you and your teams for doing the heavy lifting to make this happen. It doesn’t get said often enough as I continue to fret over issues and updates – we really appreciate the results of your efforts. Please extend our gratitude to all those involved.”

— Nick Waschezyn, Creative Design Manager at Aeris

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