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Data-Based UX / UI Design to Drive Better Conversion

TransUnion is a credit reporting agency originally founded in 1968, headquartered in Chicago with over 7,100 employees. With a myriad of customer types and “experiences” for those customer groups throughout the site, our task was to take their UX / UI on conversion-based pages to the next level.

  • Challenge

    Concentrating on high volume pages that needed to be re-worked based on data in order to lead to better conversion rates.

  • Solution

    Provide data-based design wireframes and high fidelity mockups that increased customer engagement and reduced pages per view.

  • Results

    Designs that provided brand consistency while increasing click-through rates by 24% and decreasing bounce rates by 40%.


Looking to account for data-driven principles, wireframing was a crucial first step in working with the TransUnion team and stakeholders to achieve alignment. The wireframe and content mapping exercises served as a vision and goal alignment in a slightly more visual sense.

Web Design

We worked to re-think, re-strategize and re-design based on subset customer “experiences” that a visitor would work through to get to an end solution. This included things such as the dispute experience, the credit freeze experience, the FAQ experience and the contact experience.

LLT Group Laptop
TransUnion Disputes Devices Laptop Scroll 1
TransUnion DisputesVideo Spotlight Image
Interactive Elements

An example of one of the “experiences” we worked to strategize and design, the dispute experience focused on bringing high fidelity mockups to life based on a very thorough period of user experience alignment.

TransUnion Disputes Personalized Spotlight Image
Account Adjustments

Access and ease to alter, change or request information about a user account was a critical part of the experiences we re-designed, using past data and trends on user involvement to provide a more user-centric design approach.

TransUnion Disputes Lightbox Spotlight Image
Scalable Lightbox

With so much variability in the information that might need to be displayed, we worked with the TransUnion team to design a modular approach into the layouts which would allow for maximum flexibility.

TransUnion Disputes Spotlight Mobile 1 TransUnion Disputes Spotlight Mobile 2 TransUnion Disputes Spotlight Mobile 3
Accounting for Mobile

With so much data around mobile visitors, we not only designed for desktop but paid special attention and strategy on how best to improve engagement for mobile visitors. This included custom mobile layouts (not just responsive) that factored Content-driven UX into smaller screen sizes.

TransUnion Disputes Icons 1

Pushing the Needle

Redesigning multiple UX / UI “experiences” in batches helped to take data in segments and apply them to the user-based interactions that most mattered. Overall we helped to increase the “customer score” of the website; driving engagement and reducing confusion.

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