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Given the popularity of the internet and the flocking of businesses to the online front, it is no surprise that competition for potential consumers is stiff. The first step in any professional search engine optimization plan is to know your competition. LLT Group starts each campaign with a full analysis of the closest competitors and what they are doing to optimize. Without knowing your competitors, you will be unable to know your potential in the market.

Search & Rescue Your Google Ranking

The phrase ‘Google it’ has not become popular for nothing. Google retains over 66% of all the searches occurring in the United States. The second closest is that of Bing at 15.3%, and third closest Yahoo at 13.8%. Ranking on Google provides a much better exposure than ranking on any of the other search engines, solely due to the drastic difference in search volumes. Knowing the search engine players helps to capture the traffic and most relevant consumers and bring them to your website. Despite Google’s search engine reign, LLT Group also optimizes for Bing, Yahoo and Ask.

Professional SEO Services
Professional Search Engine Optimization Services

Driving Your Growth Through Search Engines

Our goal in implementing any professional search engine optimization strategy is to drive growth in your business. Just ranking on keyword terms is not enough. If those keyword terms you are ranking for fail to deliver traffic and conversions, they are useless for helping to grow and expand your business. The focus of all businesses should be to capture rankings in keyword terms that convert.

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